Deshodaya - Natiional Re-Awakening

Recently in Kanthale the activities of a few businessmen who operated generators when the electricity supply was stalled caused great difficulty to pedestrians. These generators also caused large scale sound and air pollution. The Trincomalee District Deshodaya Forum and Kanthale Deshodaya Forum decided to bring this issue and the inconvenience undergone by the people of Kanthale, to the attention of the Superintendent of Police in charge of the Kantale Division. They also informed the Kantale Police, the Police Traffic Division and the Public Health Inspector. Later each of the informed parties met and held discussions with the businessmen. They were made aware of the disturbance they were causing to the community and the environmental repercussions of their actions. They were advised to keep the generators behind their shops and not in a manner that obstructs the pavement. They were also notified to remove the generators that were defective. For the moment it looks as if the problem has been solved. The obstruction to pedestrians has been removed.

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