Deshodaya - Natiional Re-Awakening

The aim of Deshodaya is to create mass consciousness and a broad people’s movement towards good governance system and reconciliation, to strengthen participatory democracy and sustainable peace in the country. One of our top priorities is to share the ideology of citizenry and participatory democracy among fellow Sri Lankan citizens regardless of their ethnicity, religion or other differences.

Deshodaya leads such like-minded individuals and grassroots, community-based organizations to improve their participation in decision-making processes at all levels, acting as pressure groups to enable citizens’ voice in non-violent but salient manner through the already established District and Divisional Deshodaya Forums. Deshodaya also aims to,

•          Improve the democratic space by creating inclusive grassroots people’s dialogues

•          Analyse the existing socio-political context and participate in policy discussions

•          Make the government officials and elected members of political institutes, special at the local government level accountable to the citizens

•          Network the like-minded individuals and grassroots organizations, promote their friendship and respect to each other

•          Guide the grassroots communities’ present energies for effective negotiations with power structures in non-violent manner

•          Make people active citizens of the society 

•          Continue the discussion of sustainable economies and life styles

•          Create better vision for reconciled and more democratic country