Deshodaya - Natiional Re-Awakening

Sarvodaya has changed the lives of millions within and outside Sri Lanka, with its integrated and people-centric socio-economic development programs during the last 5 decades. The unique Sarvodaya philosophy broadly assembles on spiritual, moral, cultural, social, economic and political development of the individuals and society, targeting fully awakened society starting from the individual to the World, through personality awakening, family, village, urban, national and global awakening, benefitting the poorest of the poor and the marginalized.

 Deshodaya, meaning ‘awakening the nation’ targets development and empowerment programs at the national level envisaging political empowerment of the individuals and society, simultaneously addressing the consciousness and economic dimensions. This necessarily means the empowerment of citizens of Sri Lanka to become active citizens, possessing true people’s power to reconcile the divided society and to establish good governance system in the country, where people effectively participate in the decision-making processes strengthening participatory democracy.

Deshodaya will be unique people’s movement with its Divisional and District Deshodaya Forums guided by the principles of participation, inclusivity, consensus, equity, responsiveness, accountability and transparency, and broad island wide membership, enabling a common platform for Sri Lankan citizens representing all segments of the society beyond their divisions, and the organized groups of people as grassroots, community-based and non-governmental organizations who are pre-requisite to strengthen participatory democracy.